Here are links to websites that I frequent. I hope they are as informative for you
as they are for me. More to be listed ---
American White Shepherd Assn.
The United Kennel Club
The American Kennel Club
Registries with general information on
everything "dog", including dog clubs
in your area.
Sites I have used for health & training supplies.
They are generally less expensive that the "box"
stores; although with shipping so expensive
now, large sized items may be cheaper in the
local stores.
Health related sites, and information on puppies.
The organization that evaluates xrays
and compiles test results for dogs.
A GSD breeder with very good
information on a variety of subjects.
A site created by devoted White
Shepherd breeders to help track
health issues in our breed.
About us
Extended family
Contact me
Meet our
Early Neurological Stimulation
Article by Dr. Carmen Battaglia on a "super
puppy" program used by the military for
optimizing a dog's potential.