UCD  GSD/WS CH Third Time's Acharm Von Jamin
  Schultz was my first true love in the breed. He was my first show dog
and made friends wherever he went. Although Schultz was happier in the
sheep field than the show ring, he did his best in anything he was asked
to do. I could hand the leash to a child, knowing that he would be on his
best behavior.
Schultz's performance career was cut short by injury, but he spent his
remaining days producing top caliber puppies, and acting as an
ambassador of the breed. Schultz is remembered by the many friends he
made; he will always be my boy with "the bedroom eyes".
June 5, 1995 - August 9, 2007
Schultz's Accomplishments:

Attained UKC Championship as a German Shepherd Dog;
when the White Shepherd was recognized as a separate breed in 2000,
Schultz showed again and attained his UKC Ch as a White Shepherd.

BIMBS - Won a Best in Multi Breed Show.

AKC CD -- Novice Obedience

UKC CD -- Novice Obedience

PT -- AKC Pre-Trial Test -- the precursor to the Herding Started title.
Schultz was trained to HS level, but injury prevented him from competing .

CGC -- Canine Good Citizen