UCH URO1 Hollybrook's Bodacious by Design
Madison's Accomplishments:

UCH -- UKC Champion

HIT -- Herding Instinct Tested

CGC -- AKC Canine Good Citizen  

URO1 -- UKC Rally Novice title

Total Dog -- A UKC award to a dog who excels in both
Conformation and Performance at the same event. A
small percentage of those that attempt this actually
achieve this honor.

BN -- AKC beginner title

CD -- AKC Novice obedience title

                  More to come!!
Madison, aka Maddie, was born in July 2010, and she has been
a busy girl.
We knew from the beginning that we had a special girl on our
hands. Maddie is a high energy, imaginative girl who makes
friends wherever she goes.
Maddie earned her UKC Championship and her Canine Good
Citizen at 11 months of age, shortly after taking the Best of
Winners honors at the 2011 UKC Premier. She also got her
first Rally Novice leg at Premier with a respectable score; not
bad for a girl who had never seen a Rally course before!

At the 2012 Premier, Maddie attained the title of Total Dog,
winning a Champion Award of Merit, and a Qualifying score in
Rally (to attain her title). It is an honor  that we are very proud
of - out of over 1100 dogs entered in the show, over 260 tried
for Total Dog; approximately 60 dogs attained their goal.
We had the unforgettable experience of filming for the Animal
Planet show Dogs 101 in spring 2011. Although we aren't
included in the show because they were looking for a more
mature dog, Maddie took to the streets of NYC as though she
was born there! This country girl took the sights and sounds
of the city in stride, and walked the streets in confidence and
Maddie's training will be continuing  -- we see Obedience,
Rally, and hopefully scent work in her future.
As you can see by the pictures, she has matured into a
beautiful elegant girl who has been an exceptional addition to
our breeding program.