UCH Hollybrook's Bodacious HSAs, PT, HT, TT,
March 1, 2001 - November 17,
Bo's Accomplishments:

UKC Champion

Top Ten -- ranked 7th WS in UKC in 2002

HSAs -- Herding Started, course A, sheep

TT -- Temperament tested

CGC -- Canine Good Citizen
Bo was another dog who brought attention to the
Hollybrook dogs. Bo competed at UKC Premier in
June of 2002. At 15 months of age, Bo advanced
from the Breeder Handler class to win Best Male
and Best of Winners. He then won Best of Breed,
defeating his Champion mother in the process. Bo
went on to win a 4th place in the Herding group; it
was quite an honor!
Bo inherited his father's natural herding ability, and
surpassed his father Schultz by earning his herding
started title.
Herding is a physically demanding sport, and Bo
suffered a knee injury, ending his chances at  
competing further.
Although Bo was no longer sound enough to
compete, he fathered some beautiful puppies, one of
them being Maddie, our current matron here at
Shortly before his passing, Bo entered the breed
ring one last time to show in the veteran's class. Bo
won Best Veteran, and showed his friends the joy of
life he had until the end. He will be well remembered.